End UNFAIR Property Tax

Create a legendary future for North Dakotans with this proposal of major Relief and Reform.

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Unfair Property Tax

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To make this happen it will take many regular North Dakotans joining forces.  Join the fight to preserve our freedom.

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A Campaign built for the future

It’s time for the people of North Dakota to take control.

Unfair Property Tax must be replaced with a fair and transparent system.

Our Key Points

North Dakota has tremendous amount of sustainable revenue. The problem is that instead of providing REAL tax relief, our elected officials are spending like drunken sailors.

We can provide significant relief and completely reform property tax without raising ANY taxes to replace what is currently levied in property tax.

NO services will be lost. No revenue will be lost by the cities and counties.

Cities and Counties will retain FULL control.

You will keep what you are now paying in property taxes, year after year, to spend as you see best.

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Donate Now

Your donation helps us get our message out, and helps us counter the the misinformation of the opposition.

Get Involved

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Major Relief and Reform

Let’s do something truly legendary in North Dakota.  Let’s enact the largest tax relief in ND history, AND completely reform the unfair and confusing system.