BISMARCK, ND - Secretary of State Al Jaeger announced today that a proposed petition to initiate a constitutional measure has been submitted to the Secretary of State's office for review and approval to circulate. The proposed constitutional initiative relates to: 

Prohibiting all political subdivisions from levying any tax on real or personal property except for bonded indebtedness until paid. 

Ricky Becker of Bismarck is the chairperson of the sponsoring committee. 
Attached is a copy of the proposed pet1t1on, which contains a list of the 25 sponsoring committee members, and a timeline related to the process.

The Secretary of State and Attorney General have five to seven business days to draft a petition title. This short and concise statement must fairly represent the measure and must be included on the petition circulated for the signatures of qualified electors. The petition title wil be provided to the sponsoring committee no earlier than Monday, March 23, 2020, nor later than Wednesday, March 25, 2020. fl